The Chicken Tractor

The chicken tractor and vegetable beds are designed together so that the chicken coop can be rotated around the beds as the vegetables are harvested.

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The chicken tractor is an excellent example of how sustainable design looks for connections between elements and makes use of them to create an efficient win-win situation.  It uses biological resources (plants and animals) to save energy and do the work in the garden.  However, the key to harnessing hte power of the chicken is in the chicken coop – imagine the havoc without one!

As the vegetable beds are harvested, the chicken coop is rotated around them.  The chickens do what comes naturally to them and cycle nutrients by fertilising, tilling, scratching, eating household scraps, clearing weeds and pests, and laying eggs.  After approximately 2-3 weeks the bed is beautifully cleared, tilled, fertilised, and ready for the next crop to be planted.  By simply allowing the chickens to behave naturally, we are able to get a lot of ‘work’ (and ‘product’) out of them.

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