Aquaculture adds another level of diversity to the edible garden.  Water systems are able to achieve greater overall protein production per square metre than the same area of land based systems.  These water crops can be found in the Sustainable Backyard.

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Water Chestnuts

A perennial sedge that grows from spreading rhizomes.  In good conditions, one corm will spread to cover as much as one square metre in a season.  The tubular leaves yellow and die back in autumn while forming harvestable corms at the base of the plant.


A small, free-floating water fern which contains a nitrogen fixing algae.  Its rapid growth rate, high concentration of nitrogen makes it an excellent mulch and valuable chicken food.  For use in the garden, it needs to be contained, as it is considered a plant-pest in waterways and lakes.


Flowforms are used here as part of the water feature demonstrating cultivation of aquatic plants and recycling and aeration of water.  Flowforms provide a good way of returning water from one spot to another artistically, aesthetically and practically!  The water is pumped using electricity generated by a solar panel on the roof.

The solar powered system here is supplied by Canon Solar in Takapuna and flowforms are supplied by Flowforms Pacific in Havelock North.

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