The adobe garden bed, seat and oven are examples of using local resources to create a garden feature.  These features were each created with volunteer labor.

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Recipe for creating adobe mix (adapted from Education for Sustainable Living, 1999)

1. Ingredients – Cement and Earth – clay, rotten rock, river sand, sawdust etc.  The earth needs to have a minimum of 30-50% grit content or courser material.  Texture and strenght can be added with string, straw, bamboo, cabbage tree leaves, etc.

2. Ration – 1 part cement to 7-20 parts earth.  The ratio depends on how strong or how fast you want it tot set.  1:10 or 1:15 is common.  Think about the end use of the structure, will it be load bearing?

3. Mix the cement and earth well.  Add water a little at a time, avoiding cement lumps

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