The Hamilton Permaculture was involved in a wide range of activities relating to permaculture, organic gardening and community education. The following briefly summarises these activities and achievements.

Community Gardening
This was for organisations interested in setting up a community garden but didn’t know where to start. We offered a facilitation service to help work out what would be best for the needs of clients, taking into consideration resources and requirements.  Link to Waimarie Community Garden.


School Gardening
Schools have their own special needs when it comes to setting up a garden. The Trust worked with teachers, caretakers and children to help you plan and build a garden that will be sustainable over many years.   Link to St Josephs School Garden.



Garden Tours

The Trust ran a number of tours featuring a mix of public and private gardens including the Sustainable Backyard Garden, and Waimarie Community Garden. 




Time Banking
The Hamilton Time Bank was an initiative of the Hamilton Permaculture Trust that continues as an independant organisation. As a member, you earn a Time Credit by doing a service for someone else. The Time Credit you earn is “stored” in the TimeBank. You can then exchange each Time Credit you earn for one hour of service by asking another member to do something for you. The Hamilton Time Bank has it’s own web site:

Customised Training
Courses that we have run include subjects on organic gardening, adobe earth building, permaculture and composting. We have access to a wide range of specialised tutors who have proven hands on experience in their field of expertise.


Community Events
The Trust prided itself on supporting a range of  community events that focused on environmental sustainability and social well being. We supported the work that other community groups are doing