Cool With Water

Sunday 23rd February,
Join us in the Sustainable Backyard Garden in Hamilton Gardens as part of the Gardens Summer Festival.

10am. The Source of Life – The wonders of water and its characteristics.
Global warming and coping with a changing climate.

10:30am Harvest and Hold Collecting and Storing water Recycling Water Dealing with our grey and black water

11:30 Suck it up with a Hugelkultur mound garden. Natures raised beds.
Come prepared to muck in and create this garden on site

12:30 Lunch Pizza cooked in the earth oven
$5 for a piece of pizza
$2 per cup of lemon juice
$1 for herb tea.

1:30 Reap What you sow with Aquaponics –
View a symbiotic functioning aquarium and garden and how 2 different
species can support each other in a closed system.

2pm Fertilization with Fertigation
The benefits of microbial fertilization

2:30 Rain Gardens Working with what we are given
Mulch and Swales Conserving what we have
Displays of practical solutions for irrigation and water relience

Fee Donation appreciated to help cover costs.

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