Road to Resilience


In The Sustainable BackyardGarden

An event in the Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival

February 24th. 10 to 4

 A day of inspiration and inventions for your journey into the future.

 INSPIRATION          Time Banking, scones cooked in the earth oven,  Wind turbines

espaliered fruit trees,  assembling a top-bar bee hive.    Solar water heating

   INVENTIONS           examples of a solar cooker,              rocket stove,

  solar food dehydrator,              grey water recycling,        a basic composting toilet.


10am.       A demonstration on pruning espaliered fruit trees.

 10:45        Building a top-bar bee hive.   With a talk on urban bee keeping.

  11:30        A scything demonstration

 12            Buy an earth oven cooked scone to have with your herbal tea.

 1pm.        Partake in the making of a  rocket stove.

 2:30         Build a basic composting toilet.

 3:30         Learn about time banking and become a member.

 4pm         Auction of the top bar hive                                                                                 



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