June 2012 – Finally Time Banking is coming to Hamilton 

Hamilton Permaculture Trust are excited to be setting up a Citywide Time Bank forHamilton.  What is Time Banking you may ask?  Well, Time Banking is basically a reciprocal volunteering programme.  Any group or individual can join and list what they need, and have to offer.  Every service offered is equal in value, so an hour of computer tutoring = an hour of chess playing = an hour of dog walking = an hour of gardening.  Members of the time bank contribute their individual skills, knowledge and services in a series of indirect ongoing exchanges.

The basic rule is simple, 1 hour = 1 credit.  You can offer and receive almost anything, and the best part is, everyone benefits from being involved.  By sharing skills and services within neighbourhoods and across the city, Time Banking helps to reconnect people, facilitate the sharing of resources, and improve the quality of life for members and communities, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

 Time Banking is based on five principles:-

 An Asset Perspective – An acknowledgement that the real wealth of any society is its people.  All people are valued as builders and contributors.

Redefining Work – Promoting a perspective of work that includes more than just financially measurable activities and commodities, but rather whatever it takes to nurture safe and vibrant communities. 

Reciprocity – An understanding that healthy relationships involve both giving and receiving.  Two-way transactions are preferable to one-way acts.

Social Capital – The recognition that humans require social infrastructure, ongoing investments of social capital generated by trust, reciprocity and civic engagement.

Respect – A commitment to social justice and accountability by recognising the importance of including all voices.

So why do we need Time Banking?

Unfortunately, for many the busy-ness that is modern life, has led to a breakdown in community connection.  At the same time the current economic climate has seen many people in difficult financial situations, and we are all aware of the fact that we need to be moving towards more sustainable ways of living.  Time Banking provides a framework within which people can work together to reweave a sense of neighbourhood, people can improve their quality of life with no monetary outlay, and people are encouraged to share resources and information and live more sustainably.

Over the next few months we will be working on setting up the foundations of a Citywide Time Bank.  If you or your group are interested in participating in the Time Bank as members or perhaps as part of the establishment team, please contact Cheryl….834 2249  permaham@actrix.co.nz

We will be launching the Hamilton Time Bank in October

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One Response to June 2012 – Finally Time Banking is coming to Hamilton 

  1. Tom Kane says:

    It would be nice if a community project such as this is not Bi-Cultural non Political or Religious aligned and does not encourage violence behavior.

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