20th June Film Evening

VIDEO NIGHT        June 20th.      
5:30 at the Environment Centre

VIDEO:  SEEDSAVERS                 

      You are welcome to join us on the winter solstice for pizza & video. Seedsavers celebrates the keepers of the seed, the farmers and gardeners who share & source our diverse food heritage. Seedsavers is filmed across 11 countries with twenty tribal groups showing common threats to food quality and health have local solutions.

Bring surplus seeds to   swap                                             

 $5 for pizza.

Please book your attendance for pizza orders and to secure a seat.

Enquiries:     Ring  Cheryl    8342249    

email: permaham@actrix.co.nz

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One Response to 20th June Film Evening

  1. David Woody says:

    wow – that sounds amazing! 🙂 as wannabe perma-culturalists, seed savers [my grandad’s tomatoes] and filmmakers, how can we resist!

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