Growing organic vegetables

This course consists of 4 classes held at Pukete Neighbourhood House, Church Road on Thurday mornings in May from 10 t0 12. First class will be on May 5th. Costs $10 per class, please book your place with us at 8342249.

Topics covered:

Requirements for setting up a garden.

No-dig or double dig.

Make your own fertilisers: composting, wormfarming & liquid fertiliser.

Pest and disease control with rotational planting, companion planting, & organic sprays.

Seed saving & planting by the moon.

Planting out a garden or a guided tour of the Sustainable Backyard Garden.

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3 Responses to Growing organic vegetables

  1. Fiona Balin says:

    Hi there,
    My name is Fiona, I was wondering if this course is going to be held again in 2012?

    • weathergirlnz says:

      Hi Fiona,
      We run courses throughout the year so the best is to subscribe to this website and you will get a notification of when the next one is. Cheers, Robin

  2. yabadeh says:

    Hi Fiona
    There is an organic course planned for March next year at Hamilton East Community House, it should be listed on our website.

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