From Cape Town to Hamilton

“I grew up south of Cape Town, South Africa.  I grew up on a farm, but didn’t really have up to date gardening knowledge, so I learned from others – like when to plant in Hamilton and weather patterns.

I’m new to this country myself and I tried to find a group to join with, and I learned from the others in the Permaculture Trust – we had discussions.  By working with the Sustainable Backyard, we basically learned from each other and taught each other and interacted with each other.

In my greenhouse at the moment I have got tumeric, cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage, ginger, peas, beet root, herbs, lufah (season’s too short), cauliflower, onions.  I’m converting to do more fruit.  Fruit trees are a lot less work. Beetroot & raspberries, 600 sq meters including house (100), but I only use back sections.

Creating micro climates in my own garden has been the best lesson and eye opener I learned from the Sustainable Backyard.  Each time I try it I have more success.

The comment I get most often is “Wow you’ve got an incredible number of crops.”  I’m determined to grow absolutely everything.

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