Quotes about the Sustainable Backyard

To me this garden is of most interest – there is so much in it and it’s interesting how the combination of plants is managed.  Keep it up – it’s great to see.

Truly inspiring.  The size and diversity and artwork plus user friendly make me want to go home and start building and planting.  Thanks – I needed to see this “complete or evolving” in order to be able to make more of a start myself in helping sustain our family.  Bravo!

This is my favourite garden.  It’s so inspirational and amazing what can be grown in a small space.  We must keep this going as a garden.

What a fabulous place.  Keep up the good work.  Hope it keeps going.

This garden is like a marine reserve, a source of ideas that can grow and spread to surrounding gardens.  Please let it stay and thrive!

This is the best garden at the Gardens.  I love it, it is so interesting.

I work on sustainable landscaping programs on the East Coast of the US.  This garden is a wonderful resource – full of easy and lovely ideas for landscapes that are environmentally friendly.  Will share the ideas with friends in the States.  Good work!

Lovely harmonious and productive permaculture garden – and a vibrant living example.  Fantastic!

What a fabulous working garden.  I have had many ideas for my new garden and it was great to see a working example.

I like your garden because they look cool the way they are all set out.  I ate a tomato and it was yum.  My dad ate a chili pepper and he hated it.

We really enjoyed visiting this Sustaiable Backyard Garden.  The concept of permaculture is great.  Wish all of us could adopt it in some way.  Was great talking to Katherine who cleared some of our concepts regarding ecology.  Carry on this good work.

Of all the theme gardens it is by far the permaculture garden that irrevocably attrats us.  Not only is this wonderful garden functional, it inspires.  Most of all, we LOVE the hens.

I love this little garden.  It holds something so very special.  The little hens are a real charm.

We enjoy watching the vegetables!  I love chickens.  I love this garden.  I love the sun on my back when I am gardening.  Like the flowers.  We LOVE this garden! Thank you for showing us the worms.

Barler and family were here and they were very happy to see a “garden that’s so beautiful.”  Keep up the good work!

A place where the gardens grow, where I found my seed to life

My favorite garden and Logan loved the pumpkins and the chooks who pecked the grass.

It’s fantastic! I’ll come here again.

Here for the first time.  It’s educational – great that school kids visit!  It’s future orientated – the environment and ‘earth’ need this   Thank you to the Trust and the volunteers.  This is so encouraging.

I’ve come all the way from the UK to see this.  Amazing!  Lovely, very fun and appropriate.

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2 Responses to Quotes about the Sustainable Backyard

  1. Jim Murray says:

    I would like to purchase any book or material that you have for sell that shows the layout and explains your reasoning for your choices for this permaculture grarden. Something that would give the layperson the knowledge to duplicate it or adapt it to their own backyard. Please reply via my email. Thank you.

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